The Dark Guardian Series

This bestselling superhero/vigilante series is now available through AMAZON


Ethan Daniels is The Guardian, a dangerous vigilante who will come to be feared by Crown City’s criminals and corrupt. Reborn through fire, he is armed with advanced skills, an arsenal of weaponry, and vast resources. His sights are focused on one thing, and nothing will stop him. Soon, he will rise from vigilante to hero. And from hero to legend.

Chronological Order of Series (click on the title to read more details):

Dark Guardian  (Book 1)

Dark Guardian: Shadows of the City (Short Story)

Dark Guardian: Agent of the Abyss  (Short Story)

Dark Guardian: Labyrinth of Chaos (Short Story)

Dark Guardian: A New Dawn (Book 2)

Dark Guardian: Legends (Book 3)

*note: you can read the three books without reading the short stories and still get the full story! 


Praise for Memories Of My Future:

“Dark Guardian is an amazing novel filled with action, drama, suspense, mystery, and romance. Ethan is a fantastic three-dimensional character that I couldn’t help but be drawn to. Habib writes an intriguing story that sucks you in from the beginning. I highly recommend and hope to read his works in the near future.” – Follow the Books Reviews

“This story had me smiling at the silliness, between Ethan and Katrina one moment and in tears the next. But overall it kept me reading and wondering what would happen to Ethan next. That one person could go through that much and still have a heart and soul.” – Crystal’s Many Reviewers

“I just finished reading Dark Guardian. It was so action packed it was hard to put down! I appreciated the themes of valor, standing for truth, and unselfish love intertwined in the story. I look forward to Ammar’s next book. He is a young writer with great promise!” – Amazon Review

“I absolutely loved the story! Great themes of Forgiveness, Redemption, and a Passion for Freedom! I definitely recommend it to all fiction readers out there who are looking to read a great story with some powerful messages! Definitely a 5-star caliber book!” – Barnes & Noble Review