From Bestselling & Award-Winning author Ammar Habib comes this brutal tale of redemption!

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Men Die. Legends Don’t…

Decades ago, Grayson Wolf locked away the demons inside him. Once a legendary assassin named after Mors, the Roman embodiment of death, Grayson is now a shadow of the man he was before. He suffers every waking hour, haunted by his past as he begs for death to end his torment.

However, Grayson is pulled back into the shadowy world of espionage when an old comrade shows up at his front door with a young girl he is trying to rescue from sinister men. Suddenly hunted by an army of deadly mercenaries, Grayson is left with no choice but to protect the girl. But deep inside, something happens. He finds a light in the darkness, a light he thought was dead. The demons Grayson chained up–the legendary Mors–will be unleashed. And anyone standing in his way will have hell to pay.


Praise for The Legendary Wolf:


“THE LEGENDARY WOLF is a fast-paced spy/action thriller in the vein of Jason Bourne or Wolverine.”

“Ammar Habib’s writing is fantastic. He’s found the sweet-spot between description and action that keeps a reader obsessing from beginning to end. Highly recommended!”

“Part movie feel, part novel feel, Grayson’s story will leave you begging for more. I am so glad that I gave this novel a chance and I am excited to read more work from this highly talented author!”