National Award Winning Historical Novel co-authored with Dr. Anil Sinha! 

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Winner of the 2017 Independent Press Award! 


Look into the past and you can change the future. In MEMORIES OF MY FUTURE, Dr. Avinash Singh is the type of surgeon that other physicians envy, and has the world in his hands. That is until tragedy strikesand its a tragedy that puts him on the ropes, forcing him to revisit his greatest nightmares. It makes him realize that the successful life he had been living has been a faade. To overcome this, he will have to take a glimpse into the past and begin a journey that will teach him where true strength comes from. Along the way, he will see the heroism in his bloodline. He will witness the story of the first nation to defeat Genghis Khans army. He will walk alongside the revolutionary whose love for his wife was so strong that even the mighty British Empire could not break it. But the true message Avinash will realize is that the greatest gift Man has is their mind. And once the mind is unlocked, all the answers to Mans problems will be right before their eyes.

Praise for Memories Of My Future:

“The section on 1857 reflects so accurately the depth of despair of Indian masses and the nerves the revolutionaries held through the extreme torture. The description looked so real and so painful that I had to take breaks. The language has an amazing simplicity in making deep emotions come alive. Its natural flow keeps you bound. In utter darkness, the way it portrays the protagonist’s thought process, how he bears all that torture with the sparks of memory of his wife, and at times his countrymen, is absorbing. I have read very few novels and those too in my mother tongue Hindustani (mix of Urdu and Hindi). This is the first one in English. Ammar made me feel as if I am reading something in my mother tongue. He is so young yet he reveals a genius of portraying the mind of people in the middle of a tough struggle.” -Dr. Vipin Tripathi

“This historical fiction carries more than one lesson within its dual timeline. It reads like folklore with a moral to the story. Told alternately through the contemporary life of a brilliant surgeon and a journal of his ancestry, it weaves from one to the other seamlessly. The authors repeatedly mention the diversity of religions in the stories of Avi and his ancestors, and they use the different religious lingo interchangeably to emphasize tolerance. The main takeaway seems to be, however, that you should be yourself and keep moving forward in service to others, using your god-given talents without fear.” -Lael Bradley 

“What a great read. Kept me captivated and truly wanting to know more about the family history and culture. To see him succeed and to find the love of his life is breathtaking. I would recommend this book to everyone that likes to read.” -Amazon Review