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By: Ammar Habib

     His death was only minutes away.

     He knew it without any doubt. Although the warden and prison guards gave him no warning, he knew that his execution was at hand. As each second passed, the prisoner grew closer to the end. Closer to his death. Closer to the unknown. 

     From behind the bars of the inescapable cell, he could see his friends. His comrades. His brothers. They had all been put in this prison without any reason. Without any trial. Without an charges. Without any justice. 

And for these crimes that were never defined, they would die. 

     The looming guard took another one of his friends. Grabbing him by the throat and handling him roughly, the guard dragged the prisoner out of the cell. Within a moment, his friend was out of sight, but he was not out of mind. The prisoner knew where his friend was taken. He had heard the stories from those who had seen the execution chambers. 

     The prisoner looked down at the dirty floor. He would not even be given the honor of a final meal. If anything, the cruel warden and sadistic guards could have given him that. Even the worst criminals were treated to that decency. But alas, this prison was as inhumane as they come. 

He heard footsteps. 

     This was it—the end he had felt coming. The end he had witnessed in his nightmares. 

     The guard stopped in front of the prisoner’s cell. His shadow fell upon the prisoner, his menacing eyes staring down. The captive kept his gaze on the guard’s feet, unable to bring himself to meet the guard’s sinister face. No matter what, he would not beg for mercy. He would not die like an animal. He would die with dignity.

     The prisoner closed his eyes. He took a deep breath. Then another. And one more. 

     The guard reached down and grabbed the turkey by the throat. Without a second thought he lifted the bird out of the cage and towards the slaughter house.


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