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Dark Guardian: Labyrinth of Chaos



Ethan Daniels is The Guardian, the vigilante who haunts the nightmares of every criminal in Crown City. A year after Ethan’s crusade as The Guardian begins, a major prison break leaves Ethan to hunt down the escaped inmates. However, things take a turn for the worse when Ethan is captured by a sadistic psychopath who traps him inside a hellish labyrinth. After being heavily poisoned, Ethan is forced to battle endless waves of foes as he slowly loses his sanity. The Guardian will face his toughest battle yet as his mind and body are pushed to their limits. 
Set between the first two novels in the Dark Guardian Series, Dark Guardian & Dark Guardian: A New Dawn, this standalone, short piece story elaborates on some of Ethan Daniel’s struggles as The Guardian as he attempts to thwart the dark forces that have ruled over Crown City for so long. At the behest of readers, I hope to start to publish many of Ethan's shorter adventures and battles set between the series' novels.

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