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    Short Story/Inspirational/Motivational/Light Romance

    Intended Audience:

    Ages 12+

    Release Date: 

    May 2, 2015


    "Failure. It has plagued Aaron for the past years. It has awaited him at every turn and knocked him down time and time again. But now he is at the edge of his rope as failure has left him far from home with nothing but his dreams. However, this is not the end of Aaron's story. Instead, it is just the beginning. For he does not know what he will find this stormy night as he slowly makes his way back home after another failure. He does not know what will be waiting for him when he arrives at the crossroads of his life. And it is here at this crossroads that he will find the beacon of hope he has been searching for."    

    Crossroads was a Bestseller for the categories of:

    1. Overall Short Stories
    2. Inspirational Short Stories
    3. Short Love Stories
    4. Motivational Stories

    Praise For Crossroads:

    "The clarity and the details of the characters emotions are great. Felt like I was sitting right there and listening and observing every moment of the story." - Amazon Review

    "Truly enjoyed the story! It lives up to its subtitle about being a story of hope and love. It's a short and sweet story about never giving up hope and knowing that everything happens for a reason. The story serves as a reminder that every storm will end in due time and once we bear the storm, we can enjoy the light that follows it." - Goodreads Review

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is available both as an E-Book through:

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