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"Ammar is a delightfully kind and mature person to work with. He truly enjoys and excels at helping writers with their writing difficulties and celebrating their strengths. A careful reader with a keen eye for voice and clarity, Ammar is the sort of kind and thorough editor I would like for my own work." - Dr. April Julier, PhD

“I have worked with Ammar in a professional setting multiple times. We have worked together on writing and imagery based projects. Each time we have mutually come away with a successful product we can both be proud of. I would highly recommend Ammar Habib to anyone who is looking for a thoughtful, creative, intelligent, and timely editor.” – Jackson Zorn, artist/comic book writer

“Ammar has been a wonderful help with my writing and work in publishing. He has given great time and thought into helping me achieve what I am looking for in my piece. Ammar’s assistance has greatly assisted me in cleaning and plotting my work.” -Maddie Marie, author

In addition to writing, Ammar also proofreads and edits for professional or up and coming writers. 
Developmental Edits: $5 per 1,000 words (Full read and summary notes of issues, impressions, suggestions on plot, character and general readiness for publication) Turnaround time depends upon length of manuscript. Generally 10 days to 2 weeks.

Copy Edits: $7 per 1,000 words (In depth line-by-line edit for word choice, grammar, sentence structure, etc. This includes notes on plot, characters, story arc, etc. as they come up) Turnaround is normally 10-20 days from start time, depending on word count.

Short Story review and quick impressions/feedback: $25

Short Stories complete line-by-line edit/proof: $8 per 1,000 words

Ghostwriting: $22-25/hour (depending on manuscript’s length)

**Note: Rates are negotiable for longer works 

If you would like to discuss your work with Ammar, please email him at:

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